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Meet Our Women

International Womens Day is a beautiful initiative to celebrate the wonderful, inspirational women who have impacted your lives. We all known them, we all love them, those who have shaped who we are today.

We wanted to take this day as an opportunity to introduce and give praise to the lovely ladies who work both behind the scenes and front of house here at the Green Life Warehouse! There may be a few familiar faces, but perhaps you won’t recognise some – but we assure you they work so very hard on the store you all know and love (we love you our regulars!)


Mellissa Krause

I’m the one who pays the bills, the wages and looks after the nitty gritty. Mel’s hobbies include Pilates and yoga. She works as a part time fitness instructor. She is also passionate about healthy living.

Being a woman to me means being an example to younger woman in strength, integrity and kindness.

Diana Clulow

Di quite literally holds the packaging business on her shoulders! What a woman! Always so bright and cheery, when she’s not busy in her corner with customer concerns she’s the first to make conversation in the office! Fellow Keto girls would have a ton in common with Diana, she’s been on the KETO diet for a long time and still LOVING it! PS you should definitely thank her for the recent KETO selection in the Health Foods Store – she gives the best recommendations for what to order.

Taylor Krause

Hello my beautiful Green Life Tribe,

My name is Taylor and I’m the Marketing/Retail Manager here at The Green Life Warehouse. Being plant-based myself, it’s so hard to not want to inhale the whole café everyday but it’s a dream getting to discover all of these amazing vegan and health products on the market and of course meeting some amazing like-minded people in the community. In my spare time, I enjoy getting all dressed up, socializing, gym and extending my knowledge about health and fitness. Being a woman to me means that we have the power to influence other women to do great things for this world and learn to love ourselves and that the world is our oyster. Anything can be achieved with determination, positivity and time.


I’m Alison, the Graphic Designer here at the Green Life Warehouse. I spend most of my time in the office taking photos, creating EDM’s & anything else design related. You’ll probably only see me around the store once a day getting my almond latte. In my spare time I like to work on my own illustrations and catch up with friends. Being a woman to me means being determined & kind and always supporting other women (& men).

Amelia Michels

If you have visited the store there is a hot chance you’ve met me – the Cafe Manager. I’m also writing this blog that you’re reading & most likely the social posts you read too, so my jobs vary.😂 I usually spend my day trying really hard not the eat all the new goodies because “I just have to try everything”. Although, when I’m not at work you’ll find me working on creative or other business projects & hopefully the beach! I’m super passionate about living a plant based lifestyle and living more consciously- so you could say I’m at the right place! Being a women to me, means building up other women – girls who do that are the real queens! It’s correcting past generational constraints and pushing forward to feel confident within ourselves, who we are and our bodies. Being a woman means striving to be the best human being possible. 💚


It’s hard work keeping a warehouse + office this size super duper clean, but Fely is an absolute boss at it! Did you know? Fely has been with the business from the beginning, and we mean beginning. When this warehouse was a plastic straw factory and located elsewhere, that’s more than 6 years ago! Adaptable to change and always smiling, everybody adores Fely.

Happy International Womens Day from the team, we love you, and we support you 💚