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We Give Back

Being a responsible business we donate to several charities, in many different ways, not always traditional. We take pride in supporting those who align with our beliefs or that fit within our culture and seek out local initiatives rather than mainstream ventures. We are always looking for new people to support so contact us if you think we can help you.

Who do Guardians of Green support? Those that follow our beliefs and take action to improve our world.

Organic Living

Buying organic is not just about the type of food you prefer to eat. There are many reasons to buy organic – here are just a few.
Less chemicals on crops means less chemical runoff in our drinking water, waterways and coastal areas.
Organic farms have a greater resilience in times of drought (Rodale Institute, 2011).

Organic farming supports biodiversity with up to 50% more plant, insect and birdlife found on organic farms (Soil association 2011).
A 23-year research project shows that if only 1000 medium sized farms converted to organic production, the carbon stored in the soil would be equivalent to taking 117 440 cars off the road each year (The Rodale Institute®, 2003).

Kerbside Recycling

Do you know which logo to look for when recycling? It can be complicated – which plastics can I recycle and which can’t I. Well the government is introducing a new scheme to make it a universal logo that everyone will understand.
If the recycle logo appears there will be text above to identify which part of this product is recyclable. Some items may have multiple logo’s so that if only part of that item is recyclable – you can separate it out.

‘Soft Plastics’ on the other hand, are an entirely different ball game. These are not able to go in your kerbside recycling at all – the biggest supermarket chains have partnered up with RedCycle. Together, they’ve made recycling soft plastics simple! Located at the front of your nearest Woolworths or Coles you’ll find a Redcycle bin, this is where your soft plastics can be thrown, later to be recycled into outdoor furniture, signage, etc. Not sure what is considered a ‘soft plastic’? Look for the Redcycle logo or do the scrunch test, if the plastic can be scrunched into a ball – it’s soft!

What’s Hot

Aztec Natural Foods – seeds and grains.

Planet Organic Coffee
Whole bean, ground or plunger.

Green Addict 100% Natural Cleaning and Household Range.

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