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100% Pure Natural Coconut Water from Raw C - no concentrate and no sugar added - ever.

Raw C all-natural prime coconut water is sourced from freshly harvested single-origin coconuts. They never add any nasties to the coconut water, so you’ll never find any artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners in any of the drinks. They only ever use the best quality, all-natural ingredients, so you can trust that Raw C is the best coconut water your money can buy.

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No Added Sugar, Fat-Free and Gluten-Free

Raw C All-Natural Coconut Water is Packed with Electrolytes

Want to know more about the health benefits of coconut water?
Of course, you do! A natural source of five essential electrolytes, coconut water is renowned as mother nature’s sports drink thanks to its hydrating properties.

Coconut water has potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and sodium – all of which play a key role in keeping our bodies hydrated and refuelled. In fact, just one cup of Raw C coconut water contains 25% of your recommended daily intake* of phosphorus. This key mineral works alongside calcium to help strengthen teeth and bones. Magnesium supports healthy brain function, while sodium helps to regulate the fluids in your body.

The benefits of coconut water, as part of a nutritious, balanced diet, are pretty #rawsome indeed!

*RDI based on data for Australian Adults (men and women) aged 19-50 years old
No Added Sugar, Fat-Free and Gluten-Free

Raw C, the Pure Coconut Water Australia Loves

It’s not just the health benefits of coconut water that make it our favourite refreshing beverage. It’s a great choice for those with dietary requirements or food allergies too. As well as tasting fresh and delicious, Raw C Coconut Water is gluten-free and GMO-free and also contains no fat. With no added sugar or concentrates, our prime all-natural coconut water is a fantastic choice when it comes to rehydrating after a workout.

Enjoy the benefits of coconut water and order coconut water online today to make sure your fridge is always fully stocked.