Reusable Dishwasher rack


The Suck It Up, reusable straw dishwasher rack. The only commercially available dishwasher rack that has been specifically designed for cleaning reusable metal straws in industrial dishwashers typically found in the hospitality industry. Giving businesses the ability to adopt sustainable practices, whilst improving hygiene and ease of cleaning.

the problem

In 2018 it was estimated that an average of 10 million plastic straws were used every day in Australia, with an average usage life of 15-30 mins before being discarded.

the hurdle

Reusable, metal straws have become a popular choice for many individuals. Adoption has been low in the hospitality industry due to the challenge of cleaning the straws effectively in a fast paced environment. The SuckItUp reusable straw rack provides hospitality venues with an option that previously didn’t exist.

saves time & money

Crafted from recycled polypropylene (PP), our rack reduces environmental impact while offering an affordable option for you. You save time and effort, as it allows you to clean a large quantity of straws simultaneously. Say goodbye to the tedious task of cleaning straws individually.


With the SuckItUp Reusable Straw Rack, you can be confident in providing your customers with hygienic straws every time. Its thorough cleaning capabilities eliminate the risk of residual contaminants, ensuring improved hygiene standards.


The SuckItUp Reusable Straw Rack ensures an even exposure of straws to high-pressure water jets inside dishwashers, guaranteeing thorough cleaning regardless of orientation. Compatible with the most common dishwashers found in commercial settings, making it a practical and convenient cleaning solution.


Versatile and reliable, the SuckItUp Reusable Straw Rack is suitable for a wide range of hospitality establishments, including cafes, restaurants, bars, and more.