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Product description

Drain Pro DrainGuard is a probiotic drain foam cleaner and maintenance solution that is easy to apply directly into sinks, tubs, sink overflows and any other wastewater pipe. The probiotic formulation is effective against mould, biofilm, drain flies and malodour causing microorganisms.

Over time organic matter builds up in your pipes creating a film layer that coats the inside of the pipes catching debris and organic waste that cause odours and blockages.  DrainGuard’s probiotic formulation attacks the food source that drain flies and other small insects require to continue their breeding cycle.

The mechanism by which our Probiotic Drain Foam controls unwanted microorganisms is by changing them from a spore state to a vegetative bacterial state.  Much like the human body requires probiotics and enzymes to out-compete microorganisms that can cause health challenges, the probiotics used in DrainGuard out-compete all other microorganisms by removing the food source which they rely on to survive and multiply.  As long as there is organic buildup, fats, grease and oils the probiotics will continue to be active.

The advantage of DrainGuard over harsh chemicals is that it is safe to use, safe on pipes and surfaces and is bio-degradable and eco-friendly.  The easy to use directive nozzle and dense foam, ensures the complete coverage of the pipe.

Key Benefits

  • Stops drain files, fruit flies and drain moths
  • Apple scented to provide a fresh smelling drain
  • Biodegradable, ecofriendly and safe to use
  • Easy to apply with directional nozzle
  • Stops mould from growing inside drains
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours quickly and easily
  • Eliminates food source by breaking down organic waste
    that attracts rodents, flies, insects, and other pests
  • Natural microbial spores effective against biofilm, mould and odours
  • Safe to use with grease traps and septic systems
  • One step drain maintenance
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